About Susan

I got my hands on a Brownie Box camera when I was 8 years old and started taking pictures. I never stopped. After dabbling in interior design at the University of Nebraska Lincoln, I graduated with a degree in Psychology & Sociology (don’t ask). Soon after, I headed for Santa Barbara and Brooks Institute of Photography, where I fell hard for making pictures—and John, my husband and partner. The first time I photographed the interior of a home I felt the same thing.

I love shooting the places people live, home interiors, architecture, and home products. On location or in the studio, I specialize in playing with light to create images that feel warm, natural, and gloriously inviting. I bring more than 25 years of experience, positive energy, boundless enthusiasm, and a strong belief in collaboration to every photo shoot.

I love light, laugher, and soy lattes. Oh, also traveling, yoga, funky earrings, reading in bed, and cold beer. My special talents: making a mean vegetarian tostada and using Italian hand gestures.

Susan Gilmore
circa 1966
Susan Gilmore

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